January 21, 2015

handmade rope double loop bracelets 3490

 These smaller double loop rope bracelets are made from lengths of hand twisted cord made on a table top rope machine. Six cotton yarns are stretched between the anchor point and the rotating mandrels then several hundred revolutions wind the pairs into three twisted strands. The natural tension in the twisted pairs winds the cord together into a single piece of cordage.
 The overlaps are secured with a waxed thread coach whipping then trimmed off.

Here's a handmade rope necklace of similar design or this handmade rope choker is also made on the machine.
This handmade rope wrap bracelet is made with thinner colored cord while this wrap bracelet is made with heavier yarn for a more substantial outcome.

Lightweight and small enough so they won't slide off a smaller hand, find these in the classic white section of the Etsy shop.

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