December 2, 2015

multi color herringbone rope bracelets 3741 3742

 Traditional over two-under two herringbone weave incorporating multiple colored cords.

The first example is red, yellow, orange and ecru (white) in a 29 part design about 8 1/2" (218 mm) inside circumference.

You can see the tied-off ends where the overlapping cords are secured with waxed nylon thread.
 Here' s vertical image that shows off the color

you can get this one here.

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 The second example is a six color mix orange, yellow, red, teal and ecru (white). The layout of this knot requires multiple segments of cord and a lot of waste as the tails of each segment are lost when the knot is worked up to final form.

design is a 24 part double pass herringbone about 7" (178 mm) inside circumference
The colorful vertical orientation (I think the light is better somehow…)

you can get your hands on this one here

Here's an earlier example of this multiple color work with a different color mix. 3414

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