June 25, 2009

cotton cord materials used to make rope bracelets, a comparison

The photo on the left shows two traditional rope bracelets of the same design (14 bights x 3 parts x 3 strands) made from two different cotton cords:

The bracelet on the left is made from a 3 mm cotton cord which has a smooth micro-woven surface. The bracelet on the right is made from a #72 cotton cable cord which looks like a piece of rope with the three part twisted lay. (click on the image for a close up view)

The cable cord imparts a more traditional look to the bracelet. It actually is a smaller version of the larger ropes used on traditional sailing vessels and still in use today. The twisted three part construction adds another layer of "ropiness" to the look of the finished piece. Small imperfections in the string add to the authentic look of bracelets made with this material.

The smooth braided cotton cord has a cleaner look and works well in bracelets made with multiple parts and wider designs. The smoother surface makes the pattern of the bights and parts is easier to see in larger more complex patterns. The natural cotton color is an off-white or "ivory" color which is less bright than a white nylon.

Kits with instructions as well as bulk cord is available in a variety of colors including the traditional white shown here. Please visit one of the on-line shops to see both materials and finished bracelets:

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