September 30, 2009

Part 1: Making a herringbone knot bracelet

1.1 Start with 14 ft. of cord, a PVC or cardboard tube, and two rubber bands. Place the rubber bands about 1 1/2" inches apart and the end of the cord under the left band. Form a loop under the right band as shown.

1.2 Work back and forth between the rubber bands. Create six loops under each side.

1.3 When you get all the way around the tube, CROSS OVER the first lead as shown. Keep the loop under the rubber band to hold everything in place.

1.4 Keep working around the tube placing the cord parallel to and OVER the adjacent loops. Keeping the loops even will help you see the pattern.

1.5 Continue placing cord parallel as you work back and forth between the bands. Gently lift each rubber band to place the loop as shown.

1.6 When you get the starting point CROSS OVER TWO of the loops as shown. Place the cord under the band parallel to the standing parts.

1.7 Continue as before around he tube working back and forth keeping the cord parallel and even.

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