September 30, 2009

Part 2: Adding parts to the knot

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2.1 Continue placing cord parallel and next to the standing parts. Always CROSS OVER TWO of the standing parts at each side and remember to keep the loops even.

(This will make it easier to work up the knot later on)

2.2 Returning to the beginning again there will be THREE passes around the tube.

2.3 Place the cord UNDER ONE then OVER TWO as shown. Place the loop under the rubber band parallel to the other cords.

(This will be the pattern for the next pass around the tube)

2.4 Place the loop under the rubber bands and reverse direction just as before. Keep the cords even and parallel.

2.5 Work across to the opposite side of the tube as shown.

2.6 Continue to place the running part UNDER ONE and then OVER TWO as before. Tuck the loop under the rubber band and work the other direction until you return to start.

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