September 30, 2009

Part 3: adding the fifth part

3.1 When you get back to the starting point place the running cord UNDER TWO and then OVER TWO as shown.

3.2 Then tuck the loop under the rubber band and reverse direction just as you have done before.

3.3 The photo shows the running loop as it reverses direction on top of the rubber band so you can see how it lays out.

As before, parallel and even is important.

3.4 Keep working around the tube using the UNDER TWO then OVER TWO placement pattern.

3.5 Continue back and forth until you reach the staring point once again.

3.6 Here the running part is coming OVER the two standing parts right below the starting point.

3.7 At this point there are FIVE passes around the tube with the over two-under two pattern established.

3.8 Make sure your loop ends are even and parallel before moving to the next steps.
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