September 30, 2009

Part 4: Following the first strand around Doubling the weave

4.1 Place the end of the running part UNDER the first TWO standing parts as shown.

4.2 Grab the loose end of cord from the very first loop and gently pull on it until the loop slips out from under the rubber band on the right side.

4.3 When you have taken in some slack it should look like this.

4.4 Keep the other loops securely placed under the rubber bands.

4.5 Follow the shortened loop with the running end. Stay parallel to the cord you are following.

4.6 Stay on the SAME SIDE of the cord you are following. Don't twist around or cross over the cord you are following.

4.7 Pull the slack through the knot carefully to avoid disrupting the layout.

4.8 Continue to work back and forth around the tube following the first lead. Every time you work to the right side, pull the loop from under the rubber band. Leave the slack loops on the left, we'll tighten them up later.

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