December 17, 2009

black polyester & green glass beads turks head knot rope bracelet 127

Here is a smaller size black polyester bracelet with green glass beads interwoven. There is a larger size of this exact same design listed in the Etsy shop #366. Both are made of the same materials.

The design is a 12 x 5 x 2 double diamond weave with the beads placed in the second (doubling) strand. Polyester will have very minimal shrinkage if any at all. The color is integral to the cord so there should be no fading or at least minimal fading over time.
Size for this one is 6 3/4" inside circumference which would be an adult "small". The weave is relaxed so it can slip over a slightly larger hand. It's about 2 1/4" inside diameter and 1 1/4" wide.

The ends are stitched so it will hold it's shape and not unravel.

If you want an adjustable bracelet in this design with unattached ends so that you can tighten it up to your custom size just ask.

design and photographs copyright 2010 WhatKnotShop

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