January 28, 2010

Modern nautical rope bracelet, how to adjust for your perfect fit - illustrated guide

This article describes how to "work up" the modern nautical rope bracelet from a large size to a smaller size for a custom fit.

1. Place the relaxed bracelet in place around your wrist. Rotate it around so you can see the center.

Info: The center is the location where three strands are parallel.

2. Use a chop stick or other smooth pointed instrument to pull a small loop from the center of the knot to the right. Take only a small amount of slack! The effects will multiply as you work around.

Caution: Avoid injury! Don't use sharp metal tools or anything with a knife edge.

3. Move to the next overlap and pull the loop through. Keep the knot oriented the same way. Rotate the knot downwards  as you work around.

4. Move to the outside overlap and pull the loop through. Each time you pull the slack through be sure to take just a wee bit of extra tension. This will gradually reduce the size of the knot as you work it around.

Caution: Don't over-tighten! Leave a finger thickness between your wrist and the inside of the bracelet.

5. Keep pulling the loop through the next overlap as you work your way around the knot. Keep going in one direction.

Info: You will have 5 circuits around the knot from the center to the loose end.

6. When you reach the loose end gently pull the accumulated slack through the last overlap. Congratulations you have done 1/2 the workup!

7. Now reverse the direction and pull a small loop to the left and down. Proceed as before taking the extra slack out. Go easy and don't take too much out!

8. When you have completed removing the slack you may snip off the loose ends.
Info: It's a good idea to leave a small stub of cord to prevent it from coming undone. You may also secure the ends by sewing them up.You may also want to turn the bracelet inside-out to hide the cut off ends
Caution: use care with scissors! 

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