March 23, 2010

design )strata( cotton fiber anklet 591

Wrap around hand dyed cotton cord ankle bracelet made with glass beads and toggle closure. Texture, color, casual style...

Large bead has adjustable position on the tail to enable a custom fit.

Color is predominantly greens and blues with a bit of purple, black, and white.

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design and photos copyright 2010 WhatKnotShop

March 18, 2010

three new )strata( designs

adjustable anklet

Simple adjustable anklet with two beads, the larger turquoise toggle and a smaller purple one worked into the weave (invisible in back) smallest size 8 1/2" opens up much larger.

Colors are blues, greens, and a magenta center strand.


Soft bangle bracelet 8 1/2" with beads.

Colors are rust, blue, grey, black with red, turquoise and blue glass beads. Slip on but flexible.


Custom ankle bracelet

Multiple layers of cords, large glass barrel bead toggle and glass pony beads. A bushy tail restrains the toggle bead. Size 8 1/2".


March 9, 2010

anemone bracelet

Now this is starting to get interesting...

A sea anemone is a polyp, attached at the bottom to the surface beneath it by an adhesive foot, called a pedal disk, with a column shaped body ending in an oral disk. The mouth is in the middle of the oral disk, surrounded by tentacles armed with many cnidocytes, which are cells that function as a defense and as a means to capture prey. (Wikipedia)

This is of course a replica made from cotton cord and nylon thread and able to be worn as a bracelet.

Still a work in progress....

design and photographs copyright 2010 WhatKnotShop

March 8, 2010

large size cotton anklet with beads 546

More in-progress photos showing the construction of the anklet. The needles hold the cord in alignment while the stitching is made across the grain.

Size is about the same as this earlier design modeled here by Kelly:

On the loop end additional beads are stitched in the shoulders of the loop.

Here you can see the difference in width between the relaxed cords held by the needles and the compressed cords that have been cinched tight with the nylon thread.

Beads are placed at each crossing of the thread and held in place by the compressed cords.

design and photos copyright 2010 by WhatKnotShop

March 1, 2010

12 x 12 life frayed at the edges

built on a 10" pre-stretched canvas with hot melt glue and the ubiquitous up cycled bits of colored cord this piece is a part of a group art project going up this wednesday at the Jamestown (RI) Art Center

Now off the Fed Ex shipping place...

design and photos copyright 2010 WhatKnotShop