February 23, 2011

desert sunset beaded 3 button cuff bracelet 1194

This project is another that has been sitting in my partially complete box waiting for a decision about the closure design. After messing around with several ideas I worked out a nice lie-flat three button solution.

The colors are bright southwest desert inspired oranges, pinks, yellow, red and purple. Embedded glass beads emulate the treasure hidden in the folds of the earth and visible only to the mind's eye and the careful observer...
 The toggle closure system is three loops of cotton cord and buttons. The center loop passes through the red loop then secures on the center button. The two outer loops fit over the smaller buttons.

The center loop and button showing the white loop passing through the red loop.
 loop over button on the left...

a row of red glass beads is visible just below the buttons.
Loop over button on the right...secure

This cuff is available for sale click here.   If you like this design you may also be interested in this one or perhaps this one.

design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

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