March 10, 2011

Square sennit braid flexible bangles 131 144 145

This is a re-post of some work in sennit braiding. (click here to see original post ) Three examples are shown here the smaller of the three at left. The bracelet is made from eight interwoven strands starting with a four part grommet. The direction reverses and then there are four interweaves. The reverse loop is positioned under the bead which terminates the knot.

This is the "large" size about 8 5/8" (218 mm) 
The material is a high strength dacron/nylon mix used by sailmakers to make leech tensioning lines.
And the "larger" size about 10" (254 mm). As you can see they all are about the same (colored beads are different on each) Size is controlled by how many bights are made in the grommet and can vary from just a few to a huge number. Think napkin ring all the way up to hatband size.

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