May 22, 2011

First one, then another a matched pair of custom cuffs 1329

A customer contacted me recently looking for a particular design in a black and grey combination. Upon receiving the order he immediately ordered a second bracelet of the same design. Here you can see the the results:  a handsome pair of hands with five part turks head bracelets.

The black cord is a polyester blend while the center is a cotton cord hand dyed to a light silver grey color. Getting the fit correct involved providing one of the bracelets with loose ends. This enabled the wearer to slip on the unfinished bracelet then carefully remove the slack to get a comfortable size.

You can measure your hands using this blog post as a guide. When you know your size you can shop the online venues Etsy ArtFire or Zibbet  for the right color and weave design. You may also make a request for a special size if you don't find exactly what you are looking for.

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