May 20, 2011

grey extra wide turks head knot bracelet 1169

 Blue-grey hand dyed cord is used to make this handsome extra wide cuff. The 100% cotton cord absorbs the dye from the outside-in. Working the cord through the knot untwists the cable cord slightly which exposes the lighter inner color. This gives the bracelet an attractive variegated color.
This design is a 22 x 9 x 2 double diamond weave pattern. Size is 7 5/8" (194 mm) inside circumference or a "medium" slip-on size. 
This bracelet is part of a consignment that is headed out to Portland Oregon. If you are in the Portland area stop by Emily Baker's tiny design studio Sword+Fern located at 18 E Burnside in Portland. To keep up with what's happening follow emily's blog  where she posts delightful numinous object for all.

design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

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