May 30, 2011

Shades of Grey collection now open on Etsy

There are so many Shades of Grey that puppet from Nova Scotia had to choose carefully to make this collection. Lucky for us she picked some great crafts!

One of my favorites are the Nattily Neutral Coasters-- Set of Six made by Jennifer Brown. Her shop PiecfulDesign is filled with (among other things)  baskets and bowls made from fiber wrapped clothesline which is a modern variation on traditional basket weaving techniques.

  ThreeBlueBee from Istanbul has a playful collection of Crocheted Beads 12 Pcs Stones which are wooden beads covered with crochet. Perfect elements for any designer needing some shape and, yes, color for their work. Her shop of the same name has many more organic beads and balls in a rainbow of colors. You can also read her "quit my day job" LoveandDream posted to the Etsy blog for the inside scoop.

The featured listing in this grey collection is a comfortable wide cuff white & grey cotton turks head knot rope bracelet made from 100% cotton hand dyed cord.

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