June 10, 2011

Grey Day collection on Etsy

Grey Day collection by firfairy has many grey items and a touch of orange too. See if you can pick out the orange one! (just kidding)
OK so there's a lot to choose from here including the Set of 3 Yarn Wrapped Stacking Bangles  from mysticfibers where you can find lots more soft bangles in a bright array of colors.
Four pears - Black and White Photography by honeytree captures the texture of the fruit. See more dreamy subtle color work in her shop.
Ramonawest offers a super comfortable Grey Cashmere V Neck Sweater among other vintage fare for modern wear.

The featured item in this grey series is the white & grey turks head knot sailor bracelet shown here in the narrow three part braid. See other designs like this in the blended colors section of the Etsy shop.

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