July 12, 2011

clothesline bangle with beads n' floss 1450

 This chunky bangle style bracelet is made with un-dyed clothesline and other cotton and synthetic cords. The cords have been loosely bound together on a tapered mold to form the layered shape of the bangle. The beads are then worked in between the cords and bound in place with four ply nylon thread. As the nylon thread is used to secure the beads the cord stiffens up to hold it's shape.

Cotton floss is used to wrap some of the exposed cords adding funky color.
The result is ...? Well it's different and not subtle. It weighs about 1 1/2 oz and is a little over 8" inside circumference. Reminds me of the heavier bangles made in white metal from the Indian subcontinent. The cotton clothesline is a more friendly feel than metal and somewhat easier to work with.

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