July 24, 2011

small black para cord turks head knot bracelet 1445

Parachute cord or paracord as it is a popular material for survival bracelets. It also works well for turks head knot bracelets since it is an inherently elastic material and very easy to work with. The smooth braided cover slide easily through the knot during construction and enables the bracelet to flex when slipping it on.

This is an example of a very small size THB made with a left over piece of black paracord. The inside circumference is 5 1/2"(138 mm) but it will stretch out to about 6 1/4" (165 mm) allowing the wearer to slip it over the hand then relax back to it's natural size.
If you have questions about sizing click on this link to go to the article:
Figuring the fit-how to pick a size thats right for you

Larger sizes of paracord turks head knot bracelets are available by special order. You can visit these sites to find your color:
TAKknife.com paracord page lots of swords and edge weapons here
Camping survival.com paracord page camo colors
or for a less military site try
ubraidit.com's paracord page

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