July 30, 2011

white and green triple herringbone knot bracelet 1476

 This is a loosely tied triple herringbone or "gaucho" weave turks head knot bracelet. The strands have been doubled with a green nylon cord to highlight the weave pattern.

The pattern is 12 x 13 x 2 with three under and three over or 3-3-3-3. Size is about 8" (201 mm) but this knot can be worked down to a much smaller circumference.
The two "V" patterns can be seen in this view.

This weave design can be expanded both in width by adding parts and in diameter by increasing he number of bights. The triple overlap creates a nice thick fabric.

This unique bracelet is available here along with other blended color designs in the Etsy Shop.

design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

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