September 2, 2011

three new )strata( design bracelets 1545, 1546, 1547

 New slip-on style mixed fiber bracelet that has been  laid out and is ready to be finished. The blue and purple cords are synthetic, the white and teal is cotton, the olive drab is a piece of paracord, and the black is a polyester.
The waxed thread loops show how the tensioning thread is placed across the grain of the cords and left in a relaxed condition. (1545)

When drawn up firmly the width of this bracelet will be about 3/4".

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This bracelet is made with pieces of heavy clothesline and hand dyed cotton cord scraps. The tensioning thread is placed across the cord, then tightened. A pair of rectangular glass beads are positioned in the center and held in place with the waxed thread.(1546)
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This design is made from a pair of cotton cord scraps, one hand dyed grey, the other a natural white. The cords were laid out parallel and wrapped around the PVC mold. The tensioning thread has been placed and the bracelet is ready to draw up into it's final form.

Here's the finished bracelet (1547)

This bracelet is available in my Zibbet shop. Check out more like this in the design section or click here to send me a message or make a special request.

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