October 31, 2011

I'm sailing away collection now departing Etsy

It may be late in the season but Mary Price has the right idea with her I'm Sailing Away collection now departing Etsy. Visit her daylitestore to see her favorite collectables and these Napkin Rings made out of grass cording. Yep more knots...

So this 20 Inch turks head nautical mat made by Gus Lopez is another form of the same type of knot made with a heavier sisal rope. More nautical  knotted keychains and crafts in his shop tugboatgus2010.

This Nautical sailing bracelet is a knot with a looser form and a stainless bow shackle, your choice of red, white or blue cord made by dunleadogg. More nautical sailing hardware bracelets and dog supplies in her shop of the same name.

The featured item in this knotty collection is the white & sky blue turks head knot sailor rope bracelet made from hand dyed soft cotton cord. This is one of the blended color rope bracelets that can be seen in the blended colors section of my Etsy shop. Both larger and smaller sizes of this design are available by special order. Simply click here to send me your request.

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