October 13, 2011

three button clothesline cuff 1597

 Here is another in a continuing series of clothesline fiber art pieces that emerge from the scrap box all covered in beads. This one is a smaller toggle closure style cuff bracelet that uses three buttons and loops to hold it securely closed. The edges are thickened with several passes of the heavier braided cotton cord and rows of small glass beads are stitched in. The two halves are joined together by a row of thicker black beads that resemble round pebbles and add a bit of heft to the piece.
The colors are primarily blues and greens with the natural off-white clothesline cord framing the edges.

Size is "small" when closed 6 5/8" (168 mm) inside circumference. A bath or shower may make this shrink a bit although it's not intended as beach wear.

You can find this clothesline cuff and other one of a kind fiber and bead bracelets in the design section of my Etsy shop. A larger collection of these unique pieces can be found in the design section my Zibbet shop where there is no expiration date on listings.

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