November 7, 2011

New Life collection now living on Etsy

New Life is the name of this new collection by FilligreeCreations you know this accordion playing former pet shop worker who makes those handmade lamp shades? Check out the work right here.

Handmade paper and etherial images set this detail, Winter Walk, Lyric solar plate etching on handmade paper apart from the many other fine art photographers on Etsy. Find out more about Kelly Tankersley process and see more of her work in her shop 88editions.

Travel north to find this 2 Jointed Flitch in Sustainably Harvested American Cherry made by Andrew and Elizabeth Bryant and offered through their shop grayworksdesign. Read their Etsy Featured Seller article too.

I love collecting rocks and couldn't resist this GEODE Crystal and Air Plant // Rock and a Soft Piece made by kara b. and coming to us through her shop toHOLD. Follow her on Twitter and read more about her work on her design studio site.

The featured work in this collection is the soft classic white turks head knot rope sailor bracelet made from a smooth braided cotton cord. This one is a small size but it's easy to order one in your special size or order a dozen for your next birthday bash. Just click here to send me a message with your requirements.

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