December 21, 2011

I'm Feelin' Knotty collection on Etsy

I'm Feelin' Knotty collection brings together the paracord, hemp and leather knot artists with a colorful and diverse group of offerings. Bina is herself a paracord bracelet designer and you can click over to her shop BinasBracelets and find color color color!

Minimal but elegant is this Khaki Paracord Josephine Knot Bracelet made by Jenci Smith in a range of available sizes. See her creative clothes and holiday items at jenciwsmith including this Robot or Elephant Embroidered Applique Onesie a unitog for babies.

On the hemp side is this Hemp Square Knot Anklet with Wood Bead a simple but classic design made by Alexandria and part of a small but lively collection of anklets and bracelets in her shop LiveLoveHemp.

Amy Hoffman makes these Leather cord turks-head knot rings and other corded goodies you can find in her shop BonnAmy. Lots of sizes available for the asking.

The featured item in this collection is this ecru herringbone weave turks head sailor knot rope bracelet made out of cotton cord. Ecru is a nice neutral off white color just as the string comes from the manufacturer. This one is quite soft and flexible. See more like these in the classic whites section of WhatKnotShop on Etsy. An even larger variety of weave design, sizes, and colors can be found in WhatKnotShop on Zibbet

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