March 14, 2012

star knot bracelet with beads 1864

 This is a 16 part star knot made with 2 mm black synthetic braided cord and red glass beads. In this view you can see the regular pattern of the weave on each side with the star knots in the center.

The design is by Norbert Trupiano and is published by Charles Hamel. Find the tutorial here.

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star knot meridian cotton rope bracelet 1739 a single strand knot made with 3 mm cord
Rope bracelet with star knot meridian 1738 a double
strand knot made with 2 mm white nylon cord.
This design required several "do-overs" in the course of construction to fix crossover errors and other things.

Size is a "large" 8 5/8" (219 mm) circumference requiring 39 ft of cord and 16 beads.

Synthetic cord is non shrinking and easy to work though the loops. Note that this is not a true turks head knot, more like a sennit braid.
Here you can see the details of the weave including the crossover where the cord passes through the beads. Each bead is big enough for only two passes of the cord. The beads are placed in the center of the star knot loops. The remaining crossover cords are run just below each bead.

                       available here

See the pattern used to make this knot here. The white nylon bracelet is available here or you can special order one of these made to your custom size here.

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Pearl Blay said...

Love the use of the beads for the extra color punch!