January 11, 2012

Rope bracelet with star knot meridian 1738

This is a complex knotted bracelet project that is based on a pattern developed by Norbert Trupiano and posted on Charles Hamel's  web in the "Nono Tuts" section. You will have to scroll down to the "Bracelet with Star Knot Meridian" headline to read about this one.

The design is made on a pattern grid that has been printed and then placed on a cardboard tube. The cord is then routed on the pattern using pins to hold the shape until the knot is complete.

The image shows a completed knot made from 1.5 mm white nylon braid that has not yet been worked up to final shape. You can see the reverse loops of the star knot clearly in the second photo.

The pvc mold shown in the photos is about 7 1/8" circumference. The knot was laid out on a 10 3/4" cardboard tube using the pattern grid.

This knot resembles a flat sinnit turks head (ABOK #1379) except that it is not really a turks head in the strict definition.

Here's a closeup of the knot worked up to final shape. You can see the star knot in the center of the weave.

See the same design made in 3 mm cotton here.

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photographs © copyright 2012 WhatKnotShop

This image is the pattern grid that was created by Norbert and used to lay out the knot. The red line is the registration line where the pattern can be repeated to create a larger circumference.

Pattern grid design copyright Norbert Trupiano, used with permission.

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