January 16, 2012

winter blues collection on Etsy

It's winter and so we get these Winter Blues but we are not unhappy about how bright and cheerful this selection of blues can be. Thanks to Cristi Martin for putting this together so get over to her shop FelixandJayne and see what you will need to "carry on" - not the airplane but all that stuff you can't live without, she has answers.

It's all about the leather beginning with these 80s Cobalt Tall Suede Pirate Boots which need no further explanation (where do you get those shoes?) Find out from honeymoonmuse and check out the shop honey moon muse or friend them on Facebook.

And continuing with this Leather clutch/ pouch in pearl gray/ light blue a classic design with a functional purpose made by Ruthy in Haifa. See more of her strong design work in her shop rutinet.

The featured item in this collection is not made of leather rather a hand dyed braided cotton cord: teal blue turks head knot rope bracelet small the classic three part braid just right for a teen or smaller boned adult. Larger sizes are available by request or see the rest of the solid colors collection on Etsy. For an even more bewildering array of choices click over to my Zibbet shop where the listings don't expire and the fun continues.

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Felix and Jayne said...

thanks for featuring my treasury george! your bracelets are gorgeous!