January 17, 2012

solid triangular turks head of 13 leads

ABoK #1388 (page 251) pattern as transcribed by Norbert printed and mounted on a 10 3/4" circumference cardboard tube. Inside the tube is a foam plastic pool noodle segment that holds the slack cord and provides a mounting point for the spindle. Note the grey and white outlines showing the routing for the two cords required to create this knot.
The knot laid up with two pieces of cord: orange and black. Some of the push pins have been removed for clarity. Extra orange cord is wrapped around he tube on the left.

The black cord is laid out first using the push pins to hold the cord on the pattern. The orange cord is laid out observing the required over and under relationships.

The knot has been partially drawn up and removed from the mold. At this point it resembles a rat's nest and any errors are undetectable.
Knot has been drawn up to a loose but recognizable form and the cords have been doubled. This example contains an error but you can't see it in this photo. According to Ashley "No one is advised to attempt this who does not take his knots seriously." so there...

photographs © copyright 2012 WhatKnotShop

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