March 13, 2012

Time to wake up collection on Etsy

Daylight saving time just kicked in so it's Time to wake up and this cool collection of spring themed items by Marta Acero is a pleasant alarm clock. Visit Marta's shop tukaltd for inspired aromatic animals (NICE aromas here!) and intriguing cord pouches and baskets.

Dry off after your morning shower with this High Quality Hand Woven Turkish Cotton Towel... one of the many fine woven products from Turkishtowel. Made on a traditional hand weaving loom this is a treat for any morning. See more Sarong-PESHTEMAL in their shop Turkishtowel.

WoodArtJewelry makes many intriguing forms including these Wooden hair forks, 2 prong, Hair sticks... Petya and Emil collaborate (he makes the objects, she minds the Etsy shop). If you have lots of hair you will want one of these stylish accessories.

The featured item in this collection is this double button fiber & bead cuff bracelet medium made from up-cycled pieces of hand dyed cotton cord, glass beads, and cotton thread. This is one of many unique pieces of fiber art available in the design section of WhatKnotshop on Etsy. More of these one of a kind pieces are available in the design section of WhatKnotShop on Zibbet shop as well.

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Such a great article! Beautiful pieces. Very interesting links.