October 23, 2012

11x4x3 tutorial part 3

Continue around the mold placing the cord OVER/UNDER on the left side and UNDER/OVER on the right side.

When you get back to the starting point you will notice that the first standing part and the running part are parallel and follow the same over/under sequence.

This indicates that the knot is complete!
You may follow the standing part around with the cord to "double" the weave and follow around again to "triple" the weave.

Carefully remove the excess slack as you go.

This shows the knot worked up to finished shape with three passes of the cord.

This pattern can be found in the Ashley Book of Knots #1342, page 239

Here's the finished product! See some design and color variations here.

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Pat de Verre said...

Thank you very much for this clever tuto.

Jes said...

Am I missing something? This is my first attempt at this type of turk's head and I have completed all of the steps given but I dont see the connection from the last step (while its still on the bottle) to the finished product. I found the directions extremly helpful, but would love to know what I do no! Thank you!


George said...

The diagram shows a single pass of the cord around the mold. In order to get the appearance shown in the next photo you must follow the original cord around the knot with the slack end. Keep the cords parallel and place two more passes. When all three passes are placed you may tighten up the knot by removing the excess slack.

Jes said...

Thank you George,

I did the 2 extra passes already so does that mean i just slide it off the bottle and tighten it up?

George said...

That is correct! Work gradually to keep everything even.

Kristin said...

This is my second try at this sort of knot work ever. I'm sad to say that I haven't been able to grasp what is meant by "following the original cord". I wish there was another image for that next step. Rather frustrated with myself.

George said...

When you complete the steps in the tutorial you will have the standing cord (the stationary end) and the active cord (the one you were looping around the mold) meeting each other. To continue, simply place the active cord next to the standing cord and follow it over and under until you return to the starting point again.

Wrapping a bit of paper tape around the end of the active cord will help you push it through the openings and overlaps.

Kristin said...

Thank you for that extra clarification!