November 9, 2012

under the sea beaded cord bracelet 2471

 Made from small segments of hand dyed cotton cord, seed beads, and a button this bracelet recalls the ocean with a mix of blue "bubble" beads in the waves.

The cord segments are cut offs from the making of turks head knot bracelets. The turks head bracelets are made with a longer piece of cord, then drawn up to a finished shape leaving a few inches of material which goes into the scrap box.
 The construction process starts with the heaver cord shown on the edges which is looped over a mold and tied off. A button is added to hold the loop. The colored cords are laid inside the heavier outer cord and held in place with long needles.

A four ply nylon thread is then passed back and forth through the cords and beads. After it has been placed  the thread is drawn up tight compressing the cord strands. The loose ends are buried and trimmed off.
You can find this design and more of these unique bracelets in the fiber art design section of my Etsy shop.

This example is a smaller size measuring just 7 1/2" inside circumference when the button is placed in the loop.

design and photographs © copyright 2012 WhatKnotShop

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