February 17, 2013

beaded grey suede pillow bracelet 2654

Another variation on the Nigerian design leather toggle bracelets. This one is made with a soft grey suede, a row of clear glass beads and a modified champaign cork used as a button.

This one measures about 8 5/8" (219 mm) inside circumference but it is extremely flexible and soft.

Here's another similar design you might like.

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 Black waxed thread is used to detail the loop and is also used to create the seam. The beads are plain sewn into the seam and then the assembly is turned inside out to conceal the edge of the material.

The cork is glued into place using rubber cement. This is a high-tech shortcut that indigenous creators of the original designs would never have used. They would not have had these finely made glass beads either...artistic license.
Stuffed with polyester batting the loop flap is then stitched closed to form the opening that receives the button.

I call these pillow bracelets due to their oversize profile and soft texture.

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