February 10, 2013

two part rope bracelet with breads 2642

 This is the simplest turks head knot you can tie, just two parts wrapped around and laid out flat instead of bunched up. This pattern is somewhat unstable as the strands are not naturally positioned as is the case with the three part braid.

The secret is hidden.

Here's a similar you might like design made without beads.
There is a piece of four ply nylon thread placed at each crossing point. This edge binding holds the strands together in a nice parallel pattern and also holds those clear glass beads you see in the space between the parts.

The rope material is a 3/16" braided cord. Notice the overlapping ends also secured with the nylon thread.
Made on an 8" mold this bracelet measures about 7 3/4" (197 mm) inside circumference.

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Lauren said...

Hi George! Very cool bracelet, ill have to try it. Would you know how to make a bracelet like this thought (or know of someone who has done a tutorial? I am stumped by the clasps and the 3 color pattern. Thank you!!

George said...

Three colors of cord appear to be a simple three part braid with open ends concealed in metal cone or ferrule. It's not clear from the picture just how the cord is secured to the metal cones. It might be some kind of adhesive.