May 23, 2013

two part rope bracelet 2797

 This two part weave design is made using a mold and a segment of braided cotton line. The cord is laid out loose on the mold then the second pass is looped under the first pass 13 times. This pattern is tripled and the loose ends laid parallel.

The shape is worked up to a firm fit on the mold.
 This type of knot is inherently unstable so there is an invisible web of nylon thread that holds the pattern secure. This thread is edge stitched through the plies and across the knot at the crossing points.

Here's a similar design made with glass beads at the crossing points.

This example is about 8" (205 mm) inside circumference.
Many size variations are possible with this design. It can be made on a larger mold with more crossings or smaller with fewer crossings. The diameter of the cord can be changed to adjust proportions and scale.

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