May 6, 2013

Lima bean beaded one button cuff bracelet 2792

 Here's another variation on polymer clay beads used in the one button bracelet designs. This one features smooth ribbed beads that resemble lima beans in shape. The holes are made in the base of the bead to enable edge stitching to secure the bead in place.

Here's another design made with these custom made beads you might like.

Read the tutorial explaining how to make the one button toggle bracelet here.
 The button toggle is made out of the same material as the beads: light tan polymer clay baked for 15 minutes in the oven.

You can see the back side of the lima bean beads in the center of the cord fabric.

The framing cords are a dark pearl grey. The infill cords are an olive taupe cotton both hand dyed in my basement laundry room.

This playful design is about 7" (178 mm) inside diameter.

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