June 12, 2013

lighthouse red rope bracelet 2822

 Sometimes the simplest thing is the strongest design like for example this lighthouse red turks head knot bracelet made from 3 mm cord.

The weave design is a 12 bight double diamond pattern so the work up process produces a nice symmetrical shape without having to compensate for cord diameter. This example is a "small" size 6 3/4" (172 mm) inside diameter. Like most of these designs this one can stretch out to about  7 1/2"

read about how to measure your hand for size
 The five part weave is wider and is further emphasized by the three strands of cord  resulting in a full 1 1/2" (37 mm) width.

To find out more about knot terminology here

This cord material is a smooth braided cotton product that takes the dye evenly and retains it's soft texture when dried out.
More color choices are available in the solid color section of my Etsy shop.

Most colors can be produced in small medium and large sizes by request.

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