July 8, 2013

beaded turks head knot bracelet 2944

 A basic three part turks head knot bracelet that has been built using a center strand of ceramic 3 mm beads. These beads are more subdued in appearance than the clear or colored glass.

The beads are strung on a rugged four ply nylon thread and worked through the center of the bracelet. Check this blog posting to see how the center strand is added to complete the bracelet.
The opaque beads give a more substantial look to the bracelet and match the tan colored cotton cord.

Size for this one is "large" 8 1/2" (211 mm) partly due to the presence of the beads. They don't compress the same way that a center strand made of cord would so the overall size tends to increase.

This is a prototype that can be produced in a variety of sizes and colors. If interested please leave a comment or email.

                    available here

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