March 29, 2014

Making a basket weave rope bracelet Part 2 Layout the first warp cord

Making a basket weave rope bracelet Part 2:
Layout the first warp cord

Place the fid on the end of one of the colored cord pieces. This will be the first warp cord.

If you don't have a fid, wrap tape around the end of the warp cord to stiffen the end of the cord so you can feed it through the gaps.

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 Place the cord 90 degrees to the white weft cord in an over-under alternating pattern as shown. Note the white cord ends are paired and treated as a single cord.

Continue around the PVC mold placing the cord parallel to the original cord until you reach the end. Leave a 1" tail.

When you get near the end place the 1" tail of the warp cord under the running weft cord right next to one of the white cords as shown.

Tape up the other end of the warp cord so it can pass through the gaps.

Go back to the other end and resume placing the warp cord in the same over-under pattern keeping exactly parallel to the original path of the cord.

When you get to the end place the running cord under the weave as shown. Leave it relaxed  for now.

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