March 28, 2014

Making a basket weave rope bracelet Part 1: Materials, tools, and layout

Making a basket weave rope bracelet Part 1
Materials, tools and layout

Materials needed: a 36" length of white cord, a series of colored cords various lengths.

- PVC pipe coupling 8 5/8" circumference
- two rubber bands
- wood fid (use a length of tape)
- Round nose pliers
- needle and thread for finishing

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Place the rubber bands on the PVC coupling as shown, place one end of the white cord under the rubber band. Place a loop under the other rubber band.

Keep placing the loops under the rubber bands working around the PVC coupling.

Spacing should be about 1/2" between loops. When finished you should have about 8 loops on each side of the PVC coupling.

Make the loops evenly spaced. You can make 10 or 12 loops if you want a tighter weave. Use a longer piece of weft cord to place as many loops as you like.

Locate the loop opposite the end of the cord as shown. This will be the starting point for placing the colored warp cords.

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