February 16, 2016

really big rope grommet bracelets 3842

rope bracelets grommet bracelets pair massive soft bangles marlinspike art
This pair of grommets is made from salvaged mooring line that washed up on a winter beach. The frayed texture of the distressed rope is quite soft.  Despite the size these actually have some flexibility (but not much!)

Unravelling the tangle produced several segments of the material that were long enough to make these bracelets. Each one re-creates the natural state of the original piece of rope by working an individual strand back around into the three part twist.
rope bracelet grommet bracelet massive soft bangle marlinspike craft
 The overlapping ends are secured with a whipping detail made from hemp line.

The larger one is 9 1/4" (234 mm)
The smaller one is 7 1/4" (184 mm)
rope bracelet grommet bracelet massive soft bangle hemp whipping

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