February 2, 2016

blue one button cuff with wood beads 3829

handmade beaded bracelet
 The one-button design allows a variety of color schemes using both cord an beads or cord alone to create a colorful casual style bracelet. This example uses the ecru framing cord and button with an infill of aqua, navy and black to dramatize the blond color of the wood beads. The button and stirrup loop closure is very simple and secure.

Sized for an adult wrist this is 8" (203 mm)

here are a few more one button designs you might like:
handcrafted wood bead bracelet
wood bead bracelet with hand dyed cord
one button in earth tones with beads

blue grey synthetic cord without any beads

A wider cuff design with two rows of beads

whimsical "lima bean" bead design  cuff

one button with handmade paper beads

tutorial showing how to construct the one button design, attach the button, and place the infill cords

These and other unique bracelets can be found online WhatKnotShop on ETSY

design and photographs copyright 2016

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