January 16, 2013

blue grey one button rope bracelet 2615

 Another mostly synthetic scrap-box creation this time in lighter colors.

Outer cord is a bright white nylon, an ecru cotton cord sets off the inner light blue cords and there is a single (very subtle) center strand of green.

Mold size was 7 1/2" finished size about 7 1/4" (183 mm) inside circumference)

The construction technique is shown starting with part one of a seven part tutorial.
 Here you can see the color progression clearly. This is a narrow 7/8" (17 mm) width.

The synthetic materials are low friction compared to the cotton cord which makes the edge binding process much easier. The needle slides through the cords more easily resulting in fewer stab wounds.

A couple of other one button examples here:
simple one button rope bracelet 2577
black and blue one button rope bracelet 2616

Here you can see how the outer framing cord makes the button loop. The binding process squeezes the cords sideways and care must be taken to leave enough slack so the loop will disengage the button. The slippery nylon helps make it easier to pop the button out of the loop as well.               Available here.

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