March 1, 2016

twisted hemp rope bracelet prototypes with bead and loop toggle 3845

 Hand twisted hemp cord is a versatile material used in this prototype series with an oversize wood bead, dark waxed thread, and a button. The button connection is not very robust in this design...

The hemp is a material that can be tensioned into a four yarn lay rope as in this example and it holds a nice firm shape. The hemp is ordinary craft store variety stock that comes on those 20 yard balls. Lays up on the rope machine to form a 60" length of stock about 3.5 mm diameter.

Beads have to be reamed out with a drill to accommodate this heavier cord.
 A single overhand knot and a textured poly clay bead make a good toggle design that rests securely inside a loop to hold the bracelet together. The bushy end of the knot gets trimmed off. The waxed whipping has an up-and-down pass to hold it tightly together.

Being polymer clay the center holes can be made as large as necessary. Texture is made with a de-husked black walnut.
Another variation with rounded toggle beads and loops, extended whipping and a squared wood bead. Two sizes (him and her) with similar but non-identical design (everyone is different right?)

Poly beads are cut with a plastic core from a dental floss dispenser and cored with a straw.

design and photographs copyright 2016

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