March 4, 2016

beaded adjustable hemp cord bracelets 3848

 Deceptively simple geometry, just a piece of cord with two overhand knots this design uses the inherent friction of the beads to hold the size of the bracelet constant.

Polymer clay beads are oversized with a walnut pitt exterior texture.

Hemp cord is a hand wound four by two (4x2) rope made on a small rope machine. About 4 mm diameter.
 To enlarge the bracelet slide the beads together and pull the cord through to increase the size of the loop.

To adjust the bracelet simply reverse the process and tighten up the cord.

Size range is 5 1/4" (133 mm) to 10 1/2" (267 mm) so "one size fits most" is an accurate description.

Beads available in a wide variety of colors shown here in tan and dark brown

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These and other unique bracelets can be found online WhatKnotShop on ETSY

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