September 30, 2016

small massive bone bracelet replica design 4025

 Inspired by the traditional bracelets produced by ancient cultures from the femurs of cows and other animals this replica has all the heft and texture of tradition with a modern sensibility. The organic form is bisected with a thin geometrically perfect line that emphasizes the tension between the free form shape and the machine made world where the materials originated.

Hand carved from laminated PVC pipe and finished with subtle polish that brings out the textured surface with all the small variations.
 Measuring only 5 1/2" (140 mm) inside circumference this bracelet would be worn by a child or small adult. The smoothly polished interior surface resembles an ancient artifact that might have been in use for generations.

Substantial weight at 2.5 ox / 72 g this bracelet has a pleasing massive quality.

Available here.
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