March 8, 2017

blue ocean string weave tapestry cuff bracelet 4126

 Using a wider 10 strand warp array allows for bigger areas of color and more pattern variations. Each warp cord is expressed by the wrapping creating a subtle ribbed or stacked effect.

This cuff is made with two custom poly clay buttons that have been overcooked to develop the earthy brown color. Pressing the texture also creates slight cracks in the edges giving this piece a weathered/worn texture.
 Here you can see the abstract composition made with three colors of hand dyed string and two colors of manufactured cotton floss.
7 1/2" (19 1mm) circumference
2 3/8" (61 mm) wide
Here's a tutorial showing how these are made

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This and other similar designs can be found in the ETSY shop.

design and photographs copyright 2017

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