March 20, 2017

Grey blue multi weave tapestry cuff bracelet 4124

This cuff uses three different colors and two different weave patterns to achieve the contrasting textures.

The center is an open double strand weave where the weft is not compressed leaving the warp cords exposed in the checkerboard pattern.

The darker blue and grey segments use a double strand weft in a double over-under weave.  Each pass is compressed against the weave to eliminate gaps. The gray segment uses a single loop at the edge of the double over-under weave.
 The non compressed weft creates openings exposing the warp. The cotton warp cords exert enough friction on the weft to prevent bunch ups and distortions. (If you use a synthetic warp there is less friction so this technique works best with cotton.)

The tutorial is here.

Here's another wide cuff with a free form design
wide multi color tapestry cuff bracelet

red grey walnut tapestry weave cuff bracelet 
A pair of custom buttons and loops secures the ends. oh and there are the two 'rat tails' left as well (ends whipped to prevent fraying)

design and photographs copyright 2017

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