March 7, 2017

wide multi color tapestry cuff bracelet 4123

This project started out with no fewer than 12 warp cords making it the current width champ. The idea was to experiment with color patterning. The offset weaving stuck to the single plain weave pattern where each warp cord was individually wrapped (no pairing).

Various materials are used including the dyed string and commercially available cotton floss.
The string has a more substantial thickness so the areas populated with string weaving have a characteristic thickness. The floss is very thin and even though it was double-doubled (four strands) it doesn't cover nearly as much as the thicker cotton string.

 Here's a look at the flattened out view showing the variety of colors and textures. A grey cotton warp cord array was used to minimize the show through effects where gaps in the weft reveal the warp cords.

The buttons are a poly clay that was formed and printed with a walnut shell to achieve the texture (sorry you can't see it here) then overcooked to get the natural dark brown color. This extended cooking also assures that the plastic is fully fused together.
Here are a few more designs similar to this you might like:

heather and blue grey one button strigweave cuff

heather grey one button cuff 

more string weave bracelets

More of these are available for you to purchase in the ETSY shop in the tapestry cuffs section 

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