February 1, 2017

more string weaving bracelets 4096 4097 4099

Three bracelets made by string weaving which is wrapping thinner cotton string over heavy stretched core in a fish-tale pattern.

On the left a navy and white banded pattern - the navy cords are unwound from a twisted piece of dyed cord which produces the variegated colors. (4097)

In the center a multiple color banded cuff using a combination of unwound dyed cords and dyed segments of ordinary cotton "butcher twine" commonly available in hardware stores. (4096)

On the right a bright yellow, orange, and pink banded cuff made mostly with the unwound dyed cords. (4099)
These cuffs are all secured with button and loop toggles.

They are laid out on a circular mold to establish the size. The buttons are positioned then the the whole thing is stretched on a small loom to complete the weaving process.

Segments of the colored cords are passed from side to side and packed together after each lateral pass. I'm sure there are more accurate technical terms to describe this process, weavers are invited to suggest references and terms in the comments section...

design and photographs copyright 2017

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