January 24, 2017

experiments with string weaving overview

 With plenty of indoor time and an increasing collection of materials comes some experimentation with a simple style of weaving. These examples are highly textured made rapidly on simple circular molds. Cores are braided or twisted cotton with cotton wrappings.

These were done fast without concern for detail or finish. The gaps exposing the cores offer a patterning (checkerboard) effect. The loose ends are left to create additional interest.
 These take on a more regular form when the process is refined and more care is taken placing the wrappings on the cores. The tight stacking creates a more disciplined finish. This lacks the exuberant raggedness of the first group but has more subtle color possibilities.

Warp cords are 3 mm cotton
Weft is a combination of ordinary dyed corn string and unwound strands of thin cotton rope

Want to see how these are made?
View the step-by-step tutorial click here.
Lightweight #18 cotton in grey, navy, and marsala red where the cord takes a very light influence from the dye bath. The pastel blending of the dye and cotton creates a pleasant color range that shares the semi-transparent effect.

design and photographs copyright 2017 

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